Transforming the Aquatic Industry

SWIM Jobs Victoria has had an undeniable impact on reinvigorating the aquatic industry. It has launched careers, improved business performance and is ultimately helping to save lives.


people with new swim teacher qualifications
in-water training hours delivered
people engaged in secondary training courses


people placed in permanent employment for a minimum of 19 hours per week
SWIM SCHOOLS supported to recruit new diverse employees


extra 30-minute swimming lessons supported as at 22 September 23

Delivered as an earn and learn initiative, SWIM Jobs Victoria has been a game changer for the state. Evaluation by Victoria University highlighted social, economic, mental, physical health, and community benefits achieved by participating employers and employees.

To identify program benefits perceived by employers and employees, data was collected at two phases to gain bench-line and follow-up data. Findings between these two time-points were cross-referenced to identify potential changes in attitudes. Data was collected from two target groups:

Social impact

Building business

Mental impact

*Victoria University Research 2022

Type of organisations engaged with program

Economic indicators of program success

Chloe, who was born with dyspraxia, has been employed at Blue Fin Swim School in Port Melbourne. “I love swimming and showing them how to swim and be confident in the water. And it always makes me happy when they smile”.
Michael is a former seafarer for over 20 years and now a swim teacher and aspiring coach at Surrey Park Swimming. “I hope that I have a personality that encourages and supports people from all walks of life”.
After a 45-year career as a nurse, Josephine is now a swim instructor at Kick N Paddle in Reservoir. “I decided it was time for me to change my career. I’ve always loved the water and I thought it will be good for me physically as much as it would be mentally challenging for me”.
Sean is employed as a swim teacher at Swim 4 All in Werribee. “As much as they learn, I learned with them. It makes the job worthwhile. It makes you feel special”


Effective Program Delivery

SWIM Jobs Victoria has created a strong delivery platform to support both job seekers and employers across a broad spectrum of community.

Spreading the word (Jan-May 2023)

Direct marketing, social media, digital advertising, events and public relations has ensured a strong community awareness of the program offering and its benefits.

3+ million reached via media stories.

With such an evident impact on both the community and business, SWIM Jobs Victoria is a proven platform for transforming the aquatic industry. 

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