Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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To register you will need to complete an application form on our website. This is located under ‘Aquatic Venue‘ on the website. We will send you a welcome pack and contract outlying the terms and conditions of the program and next steps once you return your signed contract.

Before training commences all potential employees will first need to complete an application form on to be accepted into the program. Once they have been accepted into our system and matched to your swim school (they can request your swim school in their Application Form), you can commence your in-water

Yes. Provided you can meet your minimum 19 hour commitment, you can roster your new employee into any area of your aquatic facility. As part of our program, we offer new employees continual opportunities during the 12 months of the contract to upskill for free through additional SWIM Australia courses.

No. There is no fee associated with registering.

You can roster your new employee in any area of your facility, provided this is safe and complies with OH&S practices; is within the scope of their skill set; and they have been given the necessary training and hold the correct qualifications to complete these duties.

A suggestion of weekly hours is:

  • LTS: 12-15 hours in water
  • Lifeguard: 3-5 hours on pool deck
  • Customer service
You must be able to offer your employee 12 months of ongoing employment for a minimum of 19 hours per week to qualify for this program.

Payments will be made to employees in line with employer’s pay run. Payments from SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia to swim schools should be considered as reimbursements i.e. Swim Schools should not hold up payments to employees and swim schools should be in a position to cover these expenses in the first instance. Each employer will receive three payments from SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia in line with the payment schedule.

To terminate an employee’s contract, you will first need to discuss your options with the SWIM Jobs Victoria project team. As part of your participation we offer ongoing support and mentors available to employees. Once we complete the processes, if you and/or your employee are unable to resolve issues, we will assist you in the termination of your contract. In the event of a termination of contract before 12 months we will require an exit survey from employee and employer.

No reimbursement is required if termination occurs after the first (pre-employment screening reimbursement) or second (employee training wage) payments – see Swim School Agreement for payment schedule. If termination occurs after the third payment (employee practicum wage reimbursement), but before teacher accreditation (practicum hours) is finalised, part reimbursement of the third payment only may be required, depending on when this payment is released by SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia. In this event, a Jobs Victoria team member will reach out and SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia will invoice for any wages unpaid to the exited employee and their supervisor.
Yes. Should you wish to employ a new staff member, we will assist you in this process.
Yes. Provided you are able to meet your employer obligations, you can employ as many staff as required while program resources remain available. Team members will discuss this with you in the early stages of your participation in the program.
No. Only new permanent part or fulltime employees to the swim school are eligible for support through this program.

The expectation on the Swim School is to provide sufficient reports to allow SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia to comply with the terms of the Grant including:

  • As part of a partnership with a government department there are extra requirements to meet auditing standards. A report needs to be submitted each month for each of you’re the employees hired via the SWIM Jobs Victoria program.
  • Such other information as SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia or the Department may request from time to time in relation to the program.
  • Assist and comply with any audit requests made.
Reporting is a requirement of Jobs Victoria. If you are unable to complete your reporting, our team will be on hand to help step you through the process.

To become a registered Swim School with SWIM Australia you will need to purchase an annual membership and complete the necessary documentation to receive your registration. We have single swim school memberships and multiple swim school centre memberships available. Visit Swim Australia

As an employer its your responsibility to make sure your workers have a working with Children Check. In Victoria you can apply for a check at

Swim Australia encourages all member schools to take seriously our collective responsibility to deliver a learn to swim environment that is caring, nurturing and safe.

Swim Australia, as members of Swimming Australia, are bound by their policies and share responsibility for safeguarding children and young people in swimming.

All swim schools are encouraged to familiarise themselves with Swimming Australia’s Safeguarding Children & Young People policy and its supporting documents and to call Swimming Australia on 9910 0700 if you have any child protection concerns.